My cover of the Alice In Chains song "Nutshell" is now released!

Today I released my version of the Alice in Chains song "Nutshell" from their Jar of Flies EP. This was one of the first songs I ever learned to sing 15 years ago and I wanted to create my own version of it, which is somewhat different as you will hear. All arrangement, music, instrumentation, vocals, mixing and mastering was done by myself in my home studio.

Although I appreciate the honestly of the song, I no longer sing it the way I used to as a teen. I can appreciate the honesty of the song describing feelings of hopelessness, feeling alone, chasing and believing lies of the world, being taken advantage of, and ultimately feeling chewed up and spit out. This is exactly where I was at one point in my life and exactly where Satan wants you to be. The good news is that you are NEVER alone! 

 The Bible says in Psalm 18:6  

"In my distress I called to the Lord; 
I cried to my God for help. 
From His temple he heard my voice; 
my cry came before Him, into his ears."

God is always watching you and waiting for you to depend on Him. He is with you as you cry. He keeps track of your sorrows and collects all your tears that fall and keeps them in a bottle (see Psalm 56:8).  

My hope is that this song can now be a bridge between you and God and that the sadness of this song can inspire you to bring your own sorrows to God and depend on Him through the trials in your life!

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