My Story Featured on The 700 Club

I am excited to announce that my story of how I came to faith in Jesus Christ was aired on the long time running TV show The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcast Network


The 700 Club film crew flew out to my house and we spent the day filming my interview and doing reenactments of significant scenes in my story. It was so much fun to work with them to produce a creative visual of my story. Throughout the day we ate good food, had great laughs and I was amazed with how talented and professional the film crew were all while being completely authentic and honoring to God while they worked. 

One of the reasons this is so significant to me personally is because after I had my first initial encounter with the Holy Spirit, I didn't fully understand what had happened and what I had just experienced. After my Jesus encounter, I decided to take to YouTube and look up “christian testimonies”. While watching these christian testimony videos on YouTube, I noticed that many of them that I was watching were produced by The 700 Club and it was those testimonies that showed me that the experience had within my encounter with Jesus Christ was very much true and many others had their own life changing experience with Jesus Christ. 

The airing of my story on The 700 Club is an honor, a miracle, and a full circle moment. It’s a true testament of God using the darkness in your life and turning it to light for His glory. God redeems all things! 

I hope you guys enjoy and please share this video with those who you feel can relate to my story. 

with love,