Worship Pastor in Colorado!

I am so excited to let you all know that I have accepted a position as Worship Pastor for an amazing church in Aurora, Colorado! Along with the blessing of this job, my family and I were also blessed with a beautiful 3 story townhouse with a basement for me to set up a music studio in the extremely competitive Denver rental market, not to mention having a bike trail just a hop, skip and a jump from our back door (I am an avid cyclist!). 

This is a very significant moment in my life because this is the city and job where my wife and kids and I will build solid roots for our family for the first time. Where my daughter will start kindergarten and my son will have his first memories of his first childhood home. For years we have waited for God to put our family where he wants us and we have followed where we felt Jesus was calling us to the very best we could. During that process, there were times where I waited in complete silence and anguish on what God wanted from me, where he wanted me to go and what he created me to do in this life. I cannot tell you how many hours of prayer and worship I put in, especially during the past 6 months, hoping that God would provide my calling and an opportunity for my life since the last door closed. GOD DID IT! This new job combines the three things I am most passionate about which are Jesus Christ, music, and being a friend and servant to others! The dreams, possibilities, and what God can do with me within a worship pastor position are limitless! 

My friends I will tell you this. In this life friends, family, even church members and even pastors may lead you astray or even turn their backs on you because you are not who they think you should be, I’ve experienced all of those and God says pray for your enemies, so let’s pray for them in a positive way. But listen to me when I say this, If it doesn’t match what God is telling you in your heart, then it doesn’t matter! I’ve had hopes and dreams in my life and many of those doors closed and even shattered right in front of me. Listen to me when I say, IT WAS A GOOD THING! Because God was working on something so much bigger than what I could have planned for myself! What is waiting for me in this new job and this new city is far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed up or ever thought I would be worthy of or have the opportunity to get! 

What I can tell you for sure is that God will never turn his back on you, leave you, or forsake you, it sates that clearly in the Bible in Deuteronomy 31. Even when it feels likes God is not there, I promise he is there. When people let you down, there will be others who are waiting, willing and excited to pick you back up and provide opportunities for God’s calling for you, that’s exactly what my new church home has done! You were created for a calling that God has created for you and in many cases, it is much higher that what you are doing in your life right now! God loves you and wants you in his family guys! God is not religious and God knows exactly who you are, and exactly who you were made to be. God is waiting for you to answer the call! 

Hopefully more updates to come soon!

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