My instrumental album DAWN is released!!!

I have released my first ever instrumental album entitled DAWN! I started writing these songs around the time I chose to follow Jesus Christ and the songs are little snapshots into those beginning days of my spiritual walk, hence the biblically themed song names. 

This 5 song album was recorded between a house in the mountains and a closet in the city. It is a departure from my singer/songwriter style where on DAWN I ventured into electric guitars, guitar amplifiers, delay pedals, loop pedals and instrumentation effects, I really explored myself as a music producer on this album and I would definitely say it is my most experimental project I have released to date.


DAWN can be streamed and purchased (You choose your price!) by following this link: Dawn - Josh North (Bandcamp)


I hope you all enjoy, and if you do then please share the album!


P.S. more music is being written and recorded and will be released soon! 


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