I'm going to be apart of a Film Festival!

I am thrilled to share that two of my short films have been selected to be showcased at the Grand Mesa Short Film festival in Colorado. One of them is my kids film, Password, and the other is my faith based short film Guardian. This is an incredible opportunity for me as a filmmaker, and I am deeply grateful for the recognition.

It is an absolute honor to have my work selected and be invited to a film festival, and I am humbled to be among the talented artists whose films will be featured.

I must give all the glory to Jesus Christ for this achievement. Without His grace, wisdom, and guidance, I could not have produced these films that have now been recognized on such a platform.

As a filmmaker, I strive to create work that reflects my faith, values, and vision for the world. To have that work recognized in this way is a testament to the power of staying true to oneself and to one's beliefs.

I am looking forward to attending the festival, connecting with other filmmakers, and sharing my work with a wider audience. Above all, I am grateful for the opportunity to use my gifts and talents to bring glory to God and to share my values and beliefs through the art of filmmaking.

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