Better Tomorrow || A Short Film on Depression

This past Fall season, my family and I faced trials of many kinds. During those trials we all fought to stay positive and keep our eyes focused on Jesus Christ. I know of many people who also are facing trials right now so I decided to make a short film on the topic of depression. Here it is and I hope it can help someone out there!

In this video a man wakes up after sleeping away the entire morning. He is depressed and has no motivation to get up and start work, so he falls back asleep at his work desk. He then dreams of a better tomorrow where he walks through the beautiful snow with the sun shinning. After his dream, he wakes up with a new outlook on life and peace and contentment in his heart.

Writing, filming, directing and editing done by Josh North.


Song Used: Better Tomorrow - Horizon



Camera - Canon M50 Mark 1 (Stock 15-45mm lens):

Editing Software - Final Cut Pro:



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