I don’t believe in soulmates. I believe there are broken men and there are broken woman and we are to go out and find another broken person who loves God with all their heart and puts God first, even above each other!
Rather than soulmates, I believe in “sandmates.” Find someone who loves you enough to help sand you down and smooth you out by holding you accountable, expecting you to tell the truth, expecting you to honor and respect them, expecting you to step up as a father or a mother in any situation, helping mold you until you are smoothly formed into who God intended you to be. The sanding down may be painful, but marriage is painful at times and is not always a fairytale, regardless of what you have heard.
When you find the person that you choose, commit to them with your full heart, just as you should to Jesus Christ! Get it out of your mind that there is anyone else who will ever be better for you than the one person you have chosen, or that you chose the wrong person. The grass IS NOT greener on the other side! Once you say “I do” in marriage, commit to that person you chose by solidifying in your heart, mind, body and spirit that there is no one more beautiful and no one more handsome than your spouse, and never will be. Don’t let anything tempt you to believe anything different than you have found your one and only, not only for today but forever.
God is never calling you to divorce your spouse, that message in your heart is not of God.
Divorce will not only devastate you, but it will devastate your spouse, your children, and everyone who was unfortunate enough to be in the path of your divorce. BE SURE before you step into the sacred covenant of marriage. If you can’t do this, then stay single. There is nothing wrong with being single! Your marriage is a representation of your relationship with Jesus Christ, as Christians, we are his bride!
Are we taking this thing called marriage seriously?

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