Why won’t Christians STOP talking to you about Jesus!?

Picture this... A non believer in Jesus Christ is standing in a room of a house that is on fire, but they have been told their whole life "don't worry, you are safe from the fire as long as you are in this room."

Let's say just 10 minutes before, I was standing in the room with the non believer, believing the same lie, until suddenly the blinders come off my eyes (Jesus enters my life) and I realized that the fire was closing in and if I didn't leave the room, I would burn to death. So I run out of the burning house, compose myself, breathe some fresh air and am now safe (saved).

But then, I realize someone I care about (the non believer), is still in the room believing the lie that "its all good" and "they will be safe in that room within the burning house." So I run back into the house, slam open the door to the room they are in, and what am I gonna say to them? Am I gonna talk to them about the new Netflix show I am watching? Am I gonna share a cool new song that I just found? Am I gonna talk to them about how nice the weather is today? NO! I am going to cut straight to the point and tell them that they are believing a lie that the world has told them. They are not safe in that room that burning room (which is sin), and they will surely burn and die if they do not run out of the room and out of the burning house, there is not much time left! If the non believer says no, then because I care about them, I will continue to try and convince them over and over that they will die if they do not leave the room which is on fire! In that moment, everything we talk about will be about their salvation from the burning house, there would be no time to talk about anything else!

Eventually I might have to accept the fact that they are not going to leave the burning house, and I will have to leave them there, knowing that they are going to die. It's a painful reality that I have faced with people time and time again. Although, that just shows that we make our own choices, and we have free will and no-one can make you do anything.

The next time you wonder why people like myself preach the message of Jesus to people they know and love or even absolute strangers, think of that analogy I just explained to you.

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